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About Us


We have 40+ combined years of industry experience and we are confident in our ability to help you choose a bike, select from our outstanding inventory of clothing and accessories, and provide expert and meticulous service on your bicycle. We all ride and we know how important it is to be able to trust your local shop. Simply put, we want to help you get the most out of your cycling experience.

Friendly. convenient. Awesome.

Why Choose Us

Friendly Staff

At Motion Cycling & Fitness, we have the winning combination of best-in-class bikes and cycling equipment and friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you make your selection. Whether you like to ride fast or slow, on the road or through the mountains, we have recommendations just for you. We also know all of the top spots to ride in Fishers and beyond. Looking for a hard-to-find part? Questions about nutrition? We’d love to help. Quick disclaimer – we occasionally binge on Big Apple Bagels and Chipotle, so fair warning when asking about anything nutritional or dietary-related. Anyway, please stop by and let us give you the five-star treatment!

Our Mission

Freedom. Advocacy. Speed.

We genuinely desire to be the shop of choice for all levels of cyclist, from the elite racer to the weekend cruiser. We want you to feel comfortable here at Motion. We know it can be intimidating to ask questions about bikes when you are just starting out, and although we do cater to racers and triathletes, we very much want you to feel at home here. We have a water cooler, a lounge area and the TV is always on standby with some sweet 80s movies. Feel free to stop by, kick some tires (well, not literally) and chat us up. Cycling is great for our community and for the environment, but it's also great for you! Freedom. Advocacy. Speed. The more riders, the better.

What We Do


We try hard not to be your traditional bike shop. We aren’t snobs, we don’t have handlebar mustaches and we don’t turn up our noses if you need your department-store bike fixed. We will work on any bike you have and we will do it well. Everyone is welcome to stop in to browse, test, chat, meet for group rides, or just hang out. We call our store a shop...because that is what it is. We don't over-do it with fancy fixtures or luxury floor and wall treatments. We spend our money on exceptional-quality, useful, and most importantly, FUN bicycles and equipment. And we absolutely LOVE to work on bikes. Bicycle service has always been, and always will be our passion.

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.