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Garmin Edge 820

In stock now! New features like Strava Live segments, GroupTrack and V02 max make this the best Edge ever.

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Felt F4x

Stop by and check out one of the best all-around cyclocross frames on the market. We have several in stock!

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Eleven thousand miles, six hundred forty-seven hours, and three million, one hundred thousand pedal strokes per year. The FR is the expression of a determination and commitment to develop the world’s best race bike. The FR deviates from expected norms by eschewing indulgence and entrusting function to guide form. The FR is an extension of the rider, an embodiment of the pursuit of an ideal, and the result of a conviction to a unified goal: build the best possible instrument for speed.

Felt’s flagship race bike has won grand tour stages, countless amateur victories and the bragging rights that come from winning the city limit sprint. But now the level of competition in cycling is higher than ever before. From the professional peloton to grassroots racing, performing at the highest level requires a harmonious union between rider and bike, engine and machine. That’s why we set out to create the stiffest, lightest and best-performing road bike the world has ever seen. One free of gimmicks, one whose form is defined by its function, and one that integrates seamlessly with the tactile, emotional and fit needs of its rider. From grueling Alpine climbs to the most technical descents, from breakaways along perilous pavé to the fastest sprint finishes, performance is critical, no matter what the parcours holds. Welcome to the FR.


The VR is a new perspective on cycling. A shift in how we experience terrain, distance, topography and time by embracing our curiosity and questioning our own limits. It’s the bike to go forward with, to discover with, and to evolve with. From sunrise to sundown, the VR is your passport to the rest of the road.

Road cycling has evolved. Riders all over the world are pushing their equipment further than ever before. They’re getting off the beaten path, exploring new roads and spending more time in the saddle on solo excursions, group adventures and epic gran fondos, all to satisfy their passion for the ride. These are the riders that inspired us to create the VR, the most versatile and capable endurance road bike in our history. Drawing on decades of frame building and carbon fiber innovation, our engineers meticulously crafted each and every VR model from the ground up with the most refined geometry and materials selection of any Felt endurance road bike, ever, harmoniously melding together comfort and performance. Welcome to the VR, the next step in the evolution of the endurance road bike. Go explore.


Almost 3000 years ago, the pinnacle of sport was celebrated with fire. Today, Specialized honors the Gods of Sport by bringing the flame back to competition. Spark the torch once again with this limited edition collection of fiery bikes and gear.

Select pieces have been designed to, literally, change color as the intensity of your ride picks up. Below 22˚C, the paint reflects the warm, orange embers of fire, and as things heat up, a striking yellow emerges.


When it comes to cyclocross, the CruX Expert X1 has everything you need and nothing that you don't. It features the same World-Championship-winning geometry as its S-Works cousin, so ultra-responsive handling and punchy accelerations are covered. You'll also find that these traits are accentuated by the lightweight and extremely stiff FACT 10r carbon fiber construction, while course control is furthered through its one-by design, hydraulic disc brakes, and front/rear thru- axles. Altogether, it's a bike that's guaranteed to take your performance to new heights this season.

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